Nearly an early disaster on this ride as Christie & Barry managed to get entangled on the steep bit of Dobb’s Lane on the way out from Truro. Barry came off worst (well Christine didn’t come off at all, luckily) but the incident caused a following motorist to (apparently) chastise the Rides leader for taking a ride on a route that riders weren’t capable of doing. I haven’t yet received a written complaint, but if I do I will ask him to ride a bike three times round the Sainsbury’s roundabout, in fast-moving traffic, so that he can see what the alternatives are like.

There is one spot near the top of a hill just outside Four Lanes that I won’t forget in a hurry because it was where I managed to lose four of my team! I had crossed the road just past the junction, squinting back against the sun (yes! amazing it was sunny) trying to count 11 heads, which I thought I saw. I also asked if all were there and though I heard ‘yes’ . So, off down the hill for no more than 100 yards and a sharp left, down to Carnkie. I didn’t wait at that junction, ‘cos everyone was there and it was downhill wasn’t it? Well, sadly not everyone was there, three lady members of the team had been patiently waiting for Niq to have a P and weren’t coming down the hill . So they (and Niq) missed the left turn and carried on, all the way down to Portreath 3 miles away.
Ah well, all’s well that ends well, we somehow all managed to join up again as we arrived at Godrevy cafe, albeit from totally different directions. A pity, though, that those four missed my carefully-planned route through Treskillard, Beacon and Barripper.
After tucking into various sandwiches teas and coffees we headed back, all together now, along North Cliffs avoiding the heavy rain clouds visible to the South. The team parted company (officially this time) near Chiverton as members made their separate ways home.

39 miles.
John Flowers, Jude, Paul & Ros, Mike & Christine, John Gilbert, Niq, Simon, Barry and (bad ride leader) Chris F.
Apologies to Jude, Christine, Ros and Niq for losing you!

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