Well, Bedruthan Steps was advertised but since I hadn’t got rid of a two-week cold, and my throat was not in good shape, I suggested that perhaps an easier ride was in order. “Good,” said some, “we didn’t wan to go that far anyway” – so St Columb was decided upon, the original planned route  having passed through that municipality anyway.

After cold start up the Ladock Valley, with frost still evident on the verges, it became appreciably warmer as the sun rose and we climbed out of the trees – several coats were removed while some riders stopped to view the model aircraft at Trendeal.

So, after a  fairly uneventful but very sunny ride to St Columb we found the pub that John F had suggested, but – oops – unless we wanted to sit outside they only had a table for 4. By this time, however, my sore throat did not seem to be affecting my legs too much and I was happy to carry on to the original destination if others were interested. To my surprise six of us therefore carried on, leaving five to see if they could squeeze into the table for 4 at the pub. Twelfth man was Jonathan Angilley who never (?) stops for lunch anyway, don’t know how he does it.

So, onward the 8 miles to the café at Bedruthan (well, Carnewas to be exact) (although it would have been only 7 miles if Jude hadn’t sailed on in front and missed a turning, with two others blindly following!) – and although luckily they had plenty of space, they were rapidly running out of food. We all managed to refuel sufficiently anyway but it took some time !.

So to the homeward journey, which owing to the slowish ride up and extended stop, was started somewhat late, in fact after 2pm. We followed the route that John F had remembered from 5 years ago, which apparently involved half the peloton falling into a ford, but luckily we all managed to avoid getting wet on this particular outing.

At Mitchell we split up to go separate ways home; some via Carland Cross/Trispen and some via Ladock. Somehow it managed to be dark by the time I got home; I can’t remember the last time that happened on a Sunday Ride.

I will have to leave it to one of the other group to describe what happened after lunch in St Columb.

Riders: six of one and half-a-dozen of the other:

St Columb: Christine & Mike Rogers, Bob Jewell on (brand-new Thorn), John Gilbert, Jonathan Angilley, Peter Hargreaves.

Bedruthan: Jude L, John Flowers, Niq,  Tina and Channon, and ride leader Chris Fearnley. About 44 miles.

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