Well 12 of us at Lemon Quay at 10am even though it was only 0ºC.  There being enough of a vote for an ‘easy’ ride as well, 4 decided to split off from the main trip to Godrevy leaving 8 to do the full trip as advertised.

A slightly different middle section to the last time I led this ride, taking in St Day and Redruth rather than Carharrack & Lanner Hill.  But then, as before, on via Carnkie and Beacon to Baripper – where we found hundreds of runners and somehow managed to lose Niq (hmm – he also got left behind the last time – there’s a pattern forming here! – the last time it was mostly my fault I admit but I really don’t know how it happened this time).

Anyway we all arrived at the café, even Chris S who had volunteered to go back to try to find Niq (he didn’t, Niq had gone an entirely different way!).  Then back along the usual route – North Cliffs, etc in the sunshine but against a stiffening NE wind which was definitely getting colder.  Ian peeled off to return home to Mount Hawke, then we all carried on to visit the ‘Maplin’ Shop at Threemilestone (well, Niq did, we carried on home).

Distance – 65km (41 miles)

Temperature at start – +0.2ºC and at end -0.2ºC – we thought it was getting colder!

 Riders – Jude Lawrence, John Flowers, Jonathan Angilley, Niq Carter-Rowe, Chris Stephens

 Ride Leader – Chris Fearnley

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