This is getting to be a well-worn route now, but, to deviate from pretty and inspiring scenery on the way to this well-known Victorian horticultural ‘extravaganza’ would seem ill-advised so, only three of us I’m afraid, set out from Truro in an easterly direction…………

Ladock, Grampound Road, Coombe, Downderry and Hewas Water all sped by (a tail wind methinks!) until Paul’s puncture at the bottom of Nunnery Hill brought proceedings to a grinding halt.  Re-inflation via a small portable gas canister, now there’s a revelation.  Paul declared, “Trust me – this works” – and it did!  Whatever next, most impressive.  And I still think a bicycle pump is progress!!!

 Anyway, following adequate re-victualing in the café at Heligan we were back on the road again at 12.45pm – phew!!  Ian, having lost a load of weight in the last 6 months and ‘re-gassed’ Paul, son had the Runs Leader trailing along the dubious delights of Polmassick Hill (so much more pleasant in the Springtime with a carpet of primroses – diverts me from all that pain and suffering) and onwards into the teeth of a westerly into Tregony and Probus (via Trewithen).

 ‘Invigorating’ you may describe this run, such a shame so many club members were absent from all that lunch time banter.  They don’t know what they missed……

 Weather – windy and rainy

 Distance – 34 miles

 Riders – Paul Charlesworth, Ian Clark and Tour Director – (JK)

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