Lizard Loop

For   those who missed the Lizard Loop last Sunday, you missed a great ride.  The various rides were well supported   by the club members (John B, Chris F, Steve, Julian, Gareth, Chris R and   myself).  It was also nice to see   Andrew from the last ACR (although seeing this was not an ACR, the rules to   stay with the slower rider did not apply…bye Andrew!).  It was also great to see Alan Collins,   who retired from the club over four years ago due to an injury.  Hopefully we will see more of Andrew   and Alan on forthcoming club rides.
One   thing I would say about the ride is between Pengelly Tea Rooms and the Lizard   we must have been cycling an average of 18 mph. The speed was extreme and   crazy….good fun though!  So I was   not surprised after we left the Lizard for the final stage of the ride I was   dropped as I used up all my energy for the day and it was a hilly ride back to   Truro.  So I relaxed, selected my own speed   and ended back at Carnon Downs around ten minutes after the main   bunch.
Jeremy Bond

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