Devoran, Easy Ride – Christine

A warm and sunny morning encouraged 10 members to turn out for this easy ride to Devoran.  We set off out of Truro through the Idless Valley looking fresh and spring-like, then back on ourselves through Roseworthy and across the Kenwyn Ford up to Penstraze, across Kerley Downs and into Carnon Down when we realised that due to the numerous stops to admire the weather etc we were dangerously close to 12 o’clock, so had to miss the fun of hurtling down ‘Harris’s Hill’ into Point and so to the Old Quay Inn at Devoran.  Instead we just rode down the steep hill, round the roundabout on the A39 to the pub.

We parked our bikes at the back of the pub and found our table.  It was then we discovered that the menu was rather more pricey than usual, and the whole place also seemed to be filled with crying babies – not very convivial. so probably won’t be returning.

After lunch – Bob left to return to Falmouth and we continued along towards Bissoe (where Niq left us to do some wood chopping!), uphill back to Kerley Downs, into Threemilestone and down the new Coosebean Cycle Track to George Street, where someone noted that it would have been quicker to have continued along the main road and down Dobbs Lane (but that wouldn’t have been half so much fun).  Bill rode off to meet his wife while the final few rode back to Kenwyn Hill and then split up to go our separate ways home.

Weather – warm, sunny Miles – 25 or so

Riders – Barry Butt, Pete Hargreaves, John Gilbert, Bob Jewell, and Hugo Whitlock – nice to see you again, Jim King, Niq Carter-Rowe, Mike Rogers, and a newcomer Bill – who probably found it all a bit slow. Ride Leader Christine Rogers

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