Geevor Mine

Last Sunday I cycled into Truro for a ride with the club somewhere.  This was the first ride I would have been on for a while which was not an ACR so I was unsure what to expect.  Rich, Julian and Chris R appeared and I knew it was going to be a fast ride and the destination was Geevor Mine on the Penwith Peninsula.  I was hoping for a thirty minute head start, but that got refused!

We cycled at a nice speed out of Truro to Two Burrows, but as we approached Mawla the speed increase and I couldn’t keep on the back wheel of the bike in front so I stopped chasing them, and slowed down. This turned out to be a good decision as the fast riders turned right and as I didn’t see them, I continued straight on.  Unknown to them when they were waiting for me at the top of Porthtowan hill, I was heading to Portreath.  When the faster riders realised what I had done, it took them approximately 13 miles to catch me up on the climb pass Lelant.

This did my cycling cred a load of good as I passed quite a few bunch of cyclists including Penzance Wheelers and it looked to them as if I was leaving the other three behind!! 

We cycled pass Zennor and Morvah on the coast road to Geevor Mine and I was kept in the pack for most of the way.  It was Rich’s first visit to the Geevor Mine and he was impressed with the views over the ocean on such a clear, sunny day.

The return journey took us to Sancreed, Drift, Mousehole, Newlyn and Marazion.  By this time I had cycled 68 miles and the speed was faster than what I was use to and my legs were beginning to buckle, so I left everyone at Marazion to allow them to attempt the hilly journey back to Truro through Godolphin Cross, Porkellis and Stithians and I slowed down and headed home to Camborne on the National Cycle Network to Hayle and on the old A30. 

I arrived home after 82 miles.  It was a good ride, yes a bit fast, but I was keeping up with them for most of the time, and it was good practice for my cycling holiday the following weekend.

Jeremy Bond

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