St Columb

Eight of us left the Piazza for St Columb .
Via Moresk  then through Tresillian up the Ladock Valley to Fraddon and through Indian Queens .
Past Blackacre on up the hill then across to Tresaddern , Tregatillian and down into St Column via the back door.
Lunch in the Ring O Bells. Terry the drummer boy returned to Truro before lunch as he had a gig later in the day in (would you believe St Columb).
The return journey followed Route 32 out of St Columb up to White Cross and then on to St Newlyn East .
John and Jude headed back to Tresillian via Mitchell and the rest continued on towards their various destinations St Agnes, Mount Hawke ,Falmouth {Bob)  and Shortlanesend.
The riders. John Flowers ,Jude Lawrence,John Gilbert, Bob Jewell,Simon Karande,Pete Hargreaves,Hugh Bryson and Terry Rodd .
42 miles and more for some who cycled in from St Agnes, Mount Hawke and Falmouth . Average speed 9.5 mph. weather HOT.

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