Heligan ACR*

I cycled into Lemon Quay a little bit late last Sunday where I was met by eleven cyclists gathered together assuming they were ready for a ride to Porthpean.  Unfortunately Rich was called away that morning so he was unable to make it, luckily Chris F took charge and his plan was to head to the intended destination.  I discovered three of the eleven cyclists were not part of our group, but I was later to discover the three kept appearing on our route! The nine cyclists who left Lemon Quay were Julian, Tom, Chris F, Damien, John, Gareth, Grant, Barney and myself. 

 I missed the last ACR to Cardinham so I was unable to report on the ride, but I believe it was fast and the cyclists did not keep to Gareth’s route.  It was nice to hear John had missed me, I was told I appear to have a calming influence over the riders as they cycle at a slower sensible speed. That’s only because they have to wait for me if they went any faster!

 I have to admit the route Chris F chose was excellent, we cycle through Ruan Lanithorne, we lost Julian/Tom as they were going too fast and missed the turning but Chris insisted we waited for them to come back.  Had a stop for Grant to get some refreshments (this ride had a feeling of an intermediate ride with all these stops) and then off again through Portholland and Caerhays.

 We cycled up to Gorran Churchdown and met our three cyclists, down to Portmellin, where we had to tackle the seaweed spread across the road and then up and over into Mevagissey (where we left the three cyclists).  After the climb on the main road out of the town, everyone made an executive decision to leave Porthpean for another day and head to Heligan Gardens (I was all in favour as I was told there were hills in Porthpean!)  We will save the excitement of Porthpean for Rich to organise another day.

 Heligan Gardens car park was full, but fortunately the café was quiet. The café had a superb idea to leave jugs of water for anyone who needed a drink, I was unsure if they expected cyclists to be filling their water bottles from these.  The refreshment stop was great; I do enjoy that café (a pasty and latte for under a fiver).  Tom decided to leave us at this stage so he cycled off wearing his new Truro CC Shirt which is now bright yellow rather than the normal gold.

 The route back was great going through Roads I had not been on before.  Chris had a short flat route planned after Coombe, but Julian took us on a long hilly route (now that is what you get for letting Julian catch up to us earlier in the day!) We cycled into Ladock and then back the normal way to Truro (picking up our three cycle friends on the way who kept with us all the way back to Truro).

 I believe the ride was around forty miles and I believe everyone had a great time, I know I did.

 The next ACR will be on Sunday 18th August where Chris F will be leading us to the Roskillys Farm at St Keverne.  See you then.

*ACR: Alternative Club Ride: Faster than intermediate but slow enough fro Jeremy

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  1. Always interesting to read Jeremy’s reports – are there any photos?

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