ACR Sithney Tea Room

Nothing was going to stop the hardest of riders from avoiding the final trip to Sithney (After 41 years as a popular cycling stop, the Sithney Tea Rooms was closing).  As I cycled into Truro the rain began to fall and I thought the number of riders this morning would be low as everyone would rather stay home than get soaked to the skin.  How wrong was I as six brave souls were waiting for me to appear (Julian, Chris F, Chris R, Tom, Dom and a new rider Rob).

Due to the south easterly wind we cycled out of Truro heading towards Chacewater at a fast pace.  We tried to out-run the rain cloud but after four miles we held a mini conference to decide if we should head straight to the chosen destination via Blackrock (where the rain could be worst on the high land), or continue on the intended route cycling along the North Cliffs.  The North Cliff route got the vote so we headed to Mawla and Illogan Churchtown (after turning left at Bridge on the Portreath road).

The rain was stopping as we joined the B3301 at the top of Portreath Hill.  Everyone appeared to be coping with the rapid pace we were setting along the North Cliffs with the wind pushing us along.  We turned left at Gwithian and onto Connor Downs where we met Rich who missed us at Truro and just happened to come across us, so he joined the merry gang.

The ride continued through Carnhell Green, Leedstown, Townshend, Godolphin Cross, Carleen and onto Sithney.  Various cycling clubs (approx 80 cyclists) had descended on the Sithiney Tea Rooms at the same moment in time to say goodbye to the great cake institution and so the queue for coffee and cake was quite extensive going out of the conservatory door.  Unfortunately Dom had to get back to Truro and so he had to forego his cake.  As we waited to be served we couldn’t help noticing the larger than usual slices of cake being served.  They were gigantic.  I’m going to miss this place!!

It was the normal route back to Truro via Porkellis.  Rich left us after the coffee stop to head towards Camborne and I left the group at Releath, asking the others to make sure they did not lose Rob (I have this theory we should not lose any potential new members on their first outing!).  I think we all had an enjoyable time and what made things even better is Aunty Gill told us she may open for a couple of  Sundays in 2014…oh I must tell Gareth the good news!!

Just when life couldn’t get any better…..Mrs Jeremy came home at the end of the day carrying two large pieces of Carrot Cake!!!!!

Jeremy Bond

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