Cycle Routes in Truro

Cornwall Council are asking for input towards future plans for cycling in & around Truro (as far as Threemilestone in the West). If you have ay suggestions, please let me know before the end of October. Full text of the initiative is here:

On behalf of Cornwall Council, Cormac Solutions Ltd are undertaking a feasibility study with the aim of providing a comprehensive series of cycle routes through Truro in an aim to make cycling to work, school, the shops or leisure facilities more practical and safer for local people and children. 

Encouraging more trips by walking and cycling in particular, is key to achieving the Connecting Cornwall goals to: tackle climate change; support economic prosperity; protect the environment; and encourage healthy lifestyles.  Creating a series of interconnected cycle routes will be expected to deliver real advantages over the use of the car for short local trips by being convenient, safe, direct and comfortable, therefore encouraging greater uptake for commuting and leisure purposes.

I am writing to you to invite you to contribute any ideas or considerations that you feel would benefit the outcome of the study. If you have local knowledge of the area and have experienced areas where cycling is difficult or viewed as unsafe I would be grateful if you could let me know so that consideration can be given to finding a solution. Furthermore, if there are any routes that would make ideal cycling routes either for commuting or leisure purposes I would be pleased to know about these.

The intention of the study is to create new routes or improve existing facilities that will genuinely be useful for local people. With your knowledge and ideas I hope you will view this as a great opportunity to have some input into the design process which will shape the future of Truro.

To ensure your valued comments are received in adequate time to allow them to be given full technical consideration, please may I request your responses are received by 1 November 2013. If you wish to discuss this further, please contact me direct.

Thank you in advance for any ideas you may be able to contribute.


  1. Niq Carter-Rowe · · Reply

    Oh and I forgot to add, it would be lovely not to be tangling with the traffic around the Norway Inn, it can be pretty scary when something large is sniffing at your saddlebag…

    1. Thanks Niq, I have edited all comments now (cutoff date was 31st Oct) ; you can see the results here – as you see others have also asked for better routes between Truro/Tresillian and Truro/Falmouth.

  2. Niq Carter-Rowe · · Reply

    What would be absolutely magic would be a cycle path in from Tresilian to Malpas, via St Clements, that followed the (flatish) route along the river, where there is currently a footpath.

    This would remove an enormous slog up hill to get into or out of Truro in that direction and of course take the cyclists off the busy and hazardous main roads

    I’d also second the need to upgrade the Newham trail, it needs to be a lot smoother & less muddy

  3. Rod Tinson · · Reply

    Upgrade the Newham trail, extend it to County Hall (at present the Calenick-County Hall section is not a designated cycle trail) and publicise it to encourage commuters to County Hall, Treliske Hospital and Truro College to use it. At the moment, it’s muddy, bumpy and under-used.
    Trispen to Truro- the bike trail spills you out into the A39 without warning.
    Truro-Tresilian- provide a bike lane. One suddenly appears in Tresilian after the hazards of the descent from Julian Foye, and then vanishes.
    New Greenway from Coosebean- very good, but it becomes a shared pedestrian/cyclist route from Treliske to Threemilestone and is not wide enough to include college students and cyclists.
    Truro city- there are no obvious bike routes at all, and the new Trafalgar roundabout does not appear to offer a safe cycle route, though I’m writing this before it has been completed.

  4. Yup, from the maps it’s truro to greenbottom on one side and malpas on the other. cormac basically have plans for EVERY ROAD but have to get it past the council and tbh I think the’re better off picking a few headline routes to work on, maybe across town to link up the existing routes and maybe down to malpas? regarding A39, you’re not wrong but I tend to go via frogpool or perranwell if heading to falmouth. does mean going though ponsanooth tho….

  5. Hi Mark, I agree with you about the A39 Norway Inn section, but I believe this current initiative is just about Truro & the developed bit towards Threemilestone.

  6. mark bishop · · Reply

    a safe route to cycle from truro to falmouth . i cycle this route and know alot of people who do . but the section by the norway inn is very narrow and dark in the trees . i think perfect place to build cycle ways is next to rail network as these routes are flat .

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