St Ewe, 6th Oct.

Nice to see so many members at the ‘Drummer Boy’.  A shorter excursion comprising John G and Company departing West whilst the main group led by yours truly faced East towards the popular metropolis of St Ewe.

This was another pleasant morning and we fairly sped along to Ladock (picking up Christine and Mike in Tresillian) and along the tops to Grampound Road.  Niq couldn’t restrain himself and darted off ahead, mistakenly taking a wrong turning (mix up with Runs Leader!?) and despite efforts to reach him by mobile (thanks Jude) was next seen at St Ewe………

Anyway, we digress – a rarely used route (actually, it was quite hilly!) took us towards Grampound and a left turn at Trevillick brought us (via Trewinnow-Mear) to Hewas Water.  Onward to Commerce Common and Nunnery Hill to eventually arrive at our destination.  Mike kindly pointed out our extreme progress in metres of ascent (his grumblings re hills were, in fairness, muted all day!)

The Crown at St Ewe always look after us (and have done for decades), we were lucky enough to have Frazer with us on a one-off basis (holidaying), an émigré from Scotland via Rye in Kent*** and the aforementioned Niq who had caught us up.  You’ve heard the story!

Back to Truro via the dreaded Polmassik Hill (quoth Mike, “I shall never ride up that hill again”) and Tregony finishing up through the Trewithen Estate to Probus, dumping the lazy Runs Leader off.  He enjoyed everybody’s company – hopefully they did his……

Miles            35½ (nearer 50 something for Niq)

Weather      Fine (with breeze)

Riders          Jude, John F, Rod T, Frazer, Niq, Christine and Mike, and the Tour Director, JK

Jim King

*** Editor’s Note:  My proof-reader, being a ‘Man of Kent’ reports that Rye is in Sussex!!

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