ACR – Praa Sands

The Magnificent Seven saddled up and cycled out of Truro to face the Cornish weather (Chris R, Julian, Gareth, Tom, John, Shaun and myself). The weather forecast was a little uncertain as showers were predicted but we were not going to let that put us off. The aim was to finish up at the Helston Boating Lake, cycling on the new cycle path around Loe Bar and the Penrose Country Estate, but we never reached it so we will save this for another day!

The group remained together as we headed west but that changed at Chacewater when a breakaway formed as John had an incident with his mobile phone. Of course, I waited for Gareth and John to catch up, but we lost the leading group! At Mount Ambrose we met Tom who was cycling back towards us, he was considering heading home as he didn’t have the energy to maintain the pace of the leading group, but of course when he saw Gareth, John and myself, he knew he would have no problem keeping up with us, and anyway, we were better company!

As Julian, Shaun and Chris R cycled around Buller Downs and Four Lanes, I was taking my group around the industrial heritage of Redruth and Camborne on roads they wouldn’t dream of cycling on passing the illustrious landmarks of Redruth Tesco, Burncoose Hospital, an industrial estate and the notorious Pengegon!

The two groups eventually joined together at Leedstown where Tom left us to head back home. The ride continued to Townshend and Millpool and it was as we climbed up the hill around Godolphin Hill the heavy rain began. We decided to head to cover to the nearest coffee stop and as Praa Sands was 2 miles away, this seemed ideal. Gareth decided to leave us and head back to Truro so the remaining five made a quick dash to find a hot cup of coffee to warm us up.

By the time we reached Praa Sands it was raining so severely my eyes were stinging. We quickly took cover in the Beachcomber Café located on the beach. It was Chris R first experience of Praa Sands and he caught it at its wettest and windiest. Good place to fly a kite with his kids.

On the return journey I took the cyclist along the coast before a heavy climb into Ashton and then onto Balwest where a motorist was driving dangerously to pass us (he/she was overtaking on a sharp corner and when they met a car coming in the opposite direction they pulled in, not worrying about the cyclists!). We appeared to have a relaxing time heading back as we had a breather at Godolphin Cross and another breather at Blackrock.

I arrived back in Camborne after 54 miles and had a great morning of cycling. If you are interested in the route I took, I have marked out my trip on the link below

The next ACR is planned for Sunday 17th November where the destination will be Mawgan Porth on the north coast to one of Julian and Chris R’s favourite stops where they apparently serve a great breakfast!

Happy cycling – Jeremy

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