Sunday 20th October – Victoria

My deputy; Christine picked up 8 riders from Lemon Quay and led them up Tregolls Road into Tresillian where I took over control (I had driven into Tresillian!!!).

Shortly before the Mercedes Garage Niq complained to the Deputy that he had been left at the Traffic Lights and no-one had waited for him.  He must be getting a complex about being left (this being the second time in 3 rides) – he was understandably a bit miffed.

We were joined along the Ladock Valley by Bob Jewell which increased our numbers to 11.  On arriving in Ladock we noted that JF was walking into the Village having sustained a puncture.  Repairs were duly carried out and after a cheery wave from a passing motorist sporting a lovely yellow flying helmet and driving a 1937 MG TC.

We rode on through the Valley to Penhale Round where we were left by Niq, who had an appointment; Bob, who had to get back to Falmouth and Jonathan, who had to get back for lunch.  We continued into Fraddon when the heavens opened at last. We stopped under a tree for shelter to discuss our options (JF having ridden into the kerb and fallen into a hedge) – we were concerned about him having a 3rd bit of bad luck and with the state of the weather it was decided to cut our losses and abandon our ride to Victoria and stop for lunch at the Blue Anchor instead.

Following lunch we returned (Ian leaving us for his solitary ride back to St Mawgan) in the sunshine (typical).

Weather                 Wet and windy (but surprisingly warm)

Distance                 25 miles only

Riders                     Peter Hargreaves, John Gilbert, Paul & Roz Delderfield, John Flowers, Jonathan Angilley, Niq Carter-Rowe, Ian Cook, Bob Jewell,

Deputy – Christine Rogers and Eventual Ride Leader – Mike Rogers

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