Sunday 27th October – Mithian

We met at the Drummer Boy as usual to find we had two new riders; Dave (who had just bought his ‘dream-machine’, but was having problems with a slow puncture) and Nigel.

We set off into Boscawen Street and into Pydar Street in order to ride along the Idless Valley.  At Idles and the ‘House of the Good Shepherd’ we turned left (in order to miss the muddy road further on), this was rather a rude awakening on a warm sunny morning but we all arrived in the village of Shortlanesend and then took our usual route towards Tregavethan and up into Penstrase before joining Key Down Road.  The weather being kind we had made good time so it was agreed to use Hugh’s loop rather than ride along Teagle Straight.  So we turned left towards Mount Hawke (where Mike said he wasn’t feeling too well, only had a gilet on and the sky was turning blacker and blacker – so he decided to abandon and make his way home).

The rest of us continued behind Hugh (the ride leader being lost at this stage!!!) till we turned right back towards the St Agnes Road – it being at this point that the heavens opened with a vengeance, thank goodness for the wideness of Cornish hedges where some of us sheltered whilst getting our wet weather gear on.  Off we went again and by the time we had taken the Goonbell turning we were dry once again and the sun was out.

We left Hugh at home as he had preparations to do before the storm broke.  Unfortunately this was the point where Dave fell off his bike sustaining a nasty knee.  We all rode on however to John Gilbert’s Bridge and found our way to the Miners Arms at Mithian.  Poor Dave discovered at this point that the valve on his tube had now completely failed and he had a real flat – so he called for his support vehicle to take him home – he said he had enjoyed the ride, though he had been beset with back luck, so we hope he won’t be put off completely and we will see him again.


We were expected at the Pub so we didn’t have to wait long for our ‘pavés’ + one Turkey Lunch and duly fortified we got ready to return, just as the heavens opened once again, it was only a short, sharp shower again so we set off again back along the straight to Silverwell, where Ros & Paul, Niq and Nigel left to make their various ways home.

The remaining 5 continued to Chiverton Cross, to Silverwell and Chybucca and so to Shortlanesend where we said our goodbyes.

Weather       Surprisingly not too bad, just 2 short showers, otherwise sunny and warm for the time of year.

Distance       25 miles

Riders           Hugh Bryson, Ros & Paul Delderfield, John Gilbert, Jude Lawrence, John Flowers, Niq Carter-Rowe, Mike Rogers, Nigel and Dave and Ride Leader – Christine Rogers

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