St Agnes

Twelve set off from the piazza just after 10 am on this dry, calm and cloudy morning. Cycled through the city and escaped up the Coosebean cycle path. Down Newbridge Lane and through to Baldhu, along to Chacewater – Blackwater and climbed up to Mount Hawke, down to Mingoose and around the Beacon, down to Peterville and on down Quay to the last cafe before the beautiful briny sea ! Soo beautiful that Niq couldn’t resist striping off and taking a dip ! ….said it was a bit choppy and cold….so we’ll take his word for that. The cafe ‘Schooners’ readily rearranged the tables, chairs and customers, to accommodate our, larger than they had expected, group. Well fed with well packed bacon butties, thick wholesome chicken soup, teas and lattes, we made our return journey, via WaterLane, Goonbell, Wheal Butson, Silverwell, where we split into two groups aiming for different homes, leaving four to ride back to Shortlanesend and Truro. Distance 30 miles (considerably more for some). Speed apprx 10 mph. Riders 12 Jon Angilley, John Gilbert, John flowers, Paul Charlesworth, Paul and Roz Delderfield, Niq Carter-Rowe, Bob Jewell, Nigel, Pete Hargreaves, Hugh Bryson and RL Jude L.

Jude Lawrence

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