ACR Marazion

Our usual ACR Leader, Jeremy, was unable to lead the ride today so I took the reins (handlebars?). A fairly standard route out via St.Day, avoiding Redruth, and then Carnkie , down to Barripper and then a long flat bit towards Fraddam and then down to St Erth and finally Marazion. The promised sunshine hadn’t yet materialized. Before Carnkie we had lost 3 of our 8 starters; I don’t think I was going too fast and think I heard mumblings of having to get back early to prepare Christmas decorations or something.

Being an ACR it was obligatory to find some new roads, so soon after leaving the delightful ‘Coffee House’ in Marazion’s centre (where Chris’s ‘Bakewell Tart’ turned out to be a ‘Bake-on Roll’), I signalled left up School Hill. I had meant, though, to take the next left, which is much less steep. I slowed and shouted to the others that it was the wrong turning, but that was a mistake. In much too high a gear, I couldn’t stop properly on the steep slope and promptly fell sideways into the (luckily soft) hedge. How embarrassing.

Anyway, no damage done and the sun was out by now, so we had a wonderful sunny and wind-assisted ride back (via some new lanes and many tried & tested ones) via Godolphin , Nancegollen and Porkellis. New rider Nigel left us at Stithians to ride home, leaving the remaining four to part company at Arch Hill in Truro.

Riders: Shaun, Gareth, Chris R, myself and Nigel (upgrading from intermediate rides – well done). Also (for a short while) Grant, Julian(not the usual Julian!) and Tom.

Distance: 90km. Average speed: 24.5  km/hr

P.S. during this ride I passed the milestone(?) of 10,000 km cycling this year. Any prizes will be gratefully received.

Chris Fearnley


  1. Too busy laughing!!

  2. Did anyone whip out their smart phone and take a photo of Chris in the hedge?

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