Club Ride – Plymouth 2 Feb 14

I was drinking my coffee and eating my McMuffin at Fraddon McDonalds when Chris F, Chris R and Julian walked through the door, a little wet as they met a heavy rain shower on the way in. The three of them had decided to give chase as they knew I was cycling up the Ladock Valley and with the westerly wind they covered the distance in a record time.

So what I doing in Fraddon McDonalds and how come the club ride gave chase. Lets turn back the clock. On the previous day I was sitting at my computer looking at the weather forecast deciding where to go cycling on Sunday. The weather was going to be reasonable and the winds were westerly and I needed to go for a long journey to help increase my fitness. Then I came up with this mad idea to cycle to Plymouth via the Torpoint ferry. I text Chris to inform him of my plan in case anyone on the club ride wanted to join me and I told Chris if they did they would need to catch me in the Ladock Valley.

I don’t think the club ride had ever been to McDonalds! Chris R had to return to Truro due to a family commitment, but Julian and Chris F was up for the challenge and decided to join me on my quest to Plymouth. We left the McCafe and cycled on the old A30 to Innis Downs and then on the back roads to Lanhydroch. To avoid the A38 we climbed out of the valley towards Fairy Cross and joined the A390 to Dobwalls. Then we headed to the south coast via St Keynes where I faced another heavy climb. I couldn’t moan at the climb as I planned the route!

After 60 miles we reached Seaton where Julian directed us to a nice beach cafe. The cafe had a unique setting as its situated right on the edge of the beach. It was badly damaged in the severe storms last month but the local community got together and helped with the clean up operation. The cafe was busy as it appeared to be very popular with the locals and the meals were good refuelling our batteries.

For the last ten miles I wanted a nice easy ride to Torpoint, I could see the Rame Head and I enjoyed the the panoramic views of Whitsand Bay but I did not have the energy to cycle around the peninsula so I headed to Torpoint to catch the ferry while Julian and Chris cycled the magnificent stretch of coast around Freathy and Kingsand. They eventually reach Cremyll and relaxed with a pint waiting for the historic foot ferry to take them over the Tamar.

We managed to meet up at Plymouth train station, by then I had cycled 73 miles and Chris/Julian cycled 63 miles. We all jumped on the 3.35pm train and headed back to Truro, or in my case Camborne after a great day

Report written by Jeremy Bond

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