“Mystery Ride, Godrevy”

Sunday 23 Feb 2014 “Mystery Ride, Godrevy”

Due to a weather forecast dominated by rain, high winds, rain and more rain…
by popular agreement the planned ride to Trerice, which in any case would have been fighting the gales on the way back,  had been shelved.

Consequently only 5 hardy souls set out from Lemon Quay on a “make it up as you go along ride”,
nominally heading to Godrevy, but by some kind of  circuitous back route, using the new cycle path out of Truro,

Three Milestone, Dangerous Crossing, Skinner’s Bottom, Mawla,
then via Bridge and the bottom corner of Tehidy Woods, with a short detour inland near Hell’s Mouth,
to avoid cycling along the North Cliffs into the wind.
The ride was conceived with a view to being blown home with the return leg being via Hells Mouth,
Portreath, Cambrose, the Eco Park, Skinners Bottom, Sawmills, Green Bottom,  Three Milestone and finally back to Truro…
A very pleasant ride was had, except when turning directly into the wind, when progress was strictly limited.

Contrary to the forecast, not a spot of rain was seen, well maybe that was an exaggeration, perhaps just the one or two drops,
or that might even have simply been flying perspiration, due to the effort of riding in the windy, but unseasonably warm weather….

Present were:-

Nigel Andrews
Jonathon Angilly
Rod Tinson
Tim Schofield
Niq Carter-Rowe

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