ACR – Portreath – 2 Mar 14

I enjoyed reading the write up on the Mystery Ride to Godrevy the previous week and the adventures of the five hardy souls..very impressive

Our Five hardy souls (Chris R, Chris F, Julian, John B and myself) ventured out of Truro on a damp morning to head to Portreath. I planned a route a few weeks ago, but on the day I had to shorten it due to the heavy rain predicted to be over West Cornwall by midday. The aim was to get out, enjoy a bit of cycling and return to Truro before the bad weather hit.

The route took us in the direction of Penweathers, around the back of Twelveheads, then to the amazement of the group I directed them up a very steep climb to Cox Hill. The roads around Cox Hill was in a very poor state of repair and we had to cycle through a flooded, muddy and grumbling roads. We eventually reached Smokey Joes and a few of us noticed a queue of people waiting outside their door I expect eager for their fry-up!

We continued towards the north coast, cycling along the footpath which runs beside the A30 to Radnor, and after a detour to allow Julian to inspect a railway crossing, we headed on country lanes which were new to most of the group which eventually took us to North Country. The rest of the cycle route took us to the Cornish Arms at Sparnon Gate then right to Bridge and onto Portreath.

Our coffee stop was at the Tideline Cafe located opposite the Portreath Arms. We had a friendly welcome and their cakes were very tasty and their coffee was refreshing. This was a cafe I would well recommend. Before returning, we looked at the battered harbour which took such a lashing in earlier storms smashing it to pieces. Heavy machinery was hard at work repairing the structure to protect the various houses and businesses in the village.

Altogether we cycled around 30 miles, we had a good ride and the icing on the cake was when we knew we timed the weather perfectly as we reached our homes before the heavy stuff fell from the heavens.

For my route for that day please go to:-

Writer of Report: Jeremy Bond

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  1. Were the roads around Cox Hill muddy and grumbling, or was that the cyclists?!

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