Ride Report for 9th March to Zelah

There were 8 riders waiting for the ride leader at Lemon Quay, and the sun was shining. We all set off round Trafalgar Roundabout and up Tregolls road, into Tresillian and along the Ladock Valley. A forced stop at Brighton Cross caused by a rider dropping her computer just before that.

Once reinstalled we toured along turning first left towards the local rubbish dump! Turning left again at the crossroads -the route had been planned to cross over the crossroads into St Enodor but when the route was recce’d by the ride leader she discovered there had been a flood from a field just beyond St Enodor, covering the road in about 6 inches of mud, so this road was duly avoided. We therefore rode into Summercourt and alongside the A30 to Mitchell – at one point the road we were on was level with the blades of the Windmills!!!!! Then, an uneventful ride to Newlyn East, through Fiddlers Green to the A30, where Jonathan left us for home.

We continued to the Pub at Zelah where we were met by Mike waiting for a chat and a pint; Rod and Dave left us here to get back for lunch at home. After a much needed lunch (the horseradish was a bit too strong in the beef sandwiches) we set off through Callestock and Chyverton woods to Ventongimps and so back along to the A30, traffic not too bad to cross, pass Allet where Niq left us for his ride home.

Into Shortlanesend, where Barry, Jude & John continued to Probus and Tresillian.

Riders: Jonathan Angilley, Rod Tinson and Dave, Niq Carter-Rowe, Jude Lawrence, John Flowers, Barry Butt, John Gilbert and Rides Leader – Christine Rogers

Weather: Bright and sunny (shorts and three-quarters making an appearance)
wind – favourable.

Distance: 30 miles

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