Easter Ride report Godrevy (sort of)

20.4.14, Easter Sunday ride, National Trust Cafe at Godrevy (sort of)…
Eleven riders materialised at Lemon Quay for the scheduled Easter Ride to Godrevy.
After some discussion which included the likelihood of queueing for a long time at Godrevy,
the general unavailability of tables inside, and the rain faithfully promised by the BBC,
not the Home Service I should add, as that has for reasons unknown, apparently ceased broadcasting,
it was decided to lunch at Hells Mouth instead…
We set off from Truro, and despite some slight confusion and mis-direction caused by the on-going road works in the centre of Truro,
were able to pick up the Coosebean cycle route, taking the slightly steeper Golf Club exit,
then into a stiff cool breeze to Three Milestone, Green Bottom, Dangerous Crossing, Sawmills
through Skinners Bottom via Mawla and Cambrose, down to Portreath.
The more adventurous and mountain bike equipped members took the Feadon Farm/Gwelan Moor route,
the others made it more quickly up the “Portreath Wall”,
which apparently included the added benefit of an “Un-hydration” stop in Portreath.
Thence riding like demons, well being blown along the North Cliffs actually,
we made it to the Hells Mouth Cafe, at a quarter to twelve,
luckily being able to bag three tables, just as the car park filled up.
Due to the impending weather, and his long ride back to Falmouth, Bob bid us adieu at this point
A filling repast ensued, consisting of assorted “Hell of a breakfast”s and other goodies from the extensive menu,
including some gratuitous flap jacks for afters, whilst watching the forecast rain begin to fall.
We set off home along the North Cliffs, naturally this direction was into the cold wind and gradually heavier rain…
The return route was via Cambrose and the Eco Park, various riders decamped along the way,
several halting gratefully at Mount Hawke, the rest slogging on to assorted destination,
in Carnon Downs, Truro, Carharrick and the like…
A very pleasant ride of around 35 miles was had, aside from the somewhat soggy return….
On the ride were:-
Hugo Whitlock
John Gilbert
Paul Delderfield
Roz Delderfield
Pete Hargreaves
Hugh Bryson
Bob Jewell
Niq Carter-Rowe
Nigel Andrews
Of the last two, I plead guilty and admit to failing to enquire as to their names,
due to basking in the warm glow of a very large breakfast, reinforced with an enjoyably sweet flapjack…

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