27th April – Blue Anchor, Fraddon

Blue sky nervously showed a presence on a day forecast to be somewhat “iffy”. So, not wishing to ‘look a gift horse in the mouth’ half a dozen members left the Drummer Boy for the culinary delights of Fraddon.

Along the Ladock Valley to the village of that name and then left to skirt Ladock Woods over to Mitchell. What a delightful little lane, resplendent with campion and primroses, you have to proceed very slowly up the hills to appreciate their full beauty! From Mitchell along the minor ‘c’ road parallel to the A30 eastbound to Summercourt and hence ‘around the back’ to White Cross and eventually to Fraddon and the delights of the Blue Anchor, under new management. Such was the attraction of the menu that Trudie changed her mind at least three times and Niq made minor queries regarding the contents of his bun, but what the heck, everybody eventually got what they asked for and following replenishment, we were all ready to ‘hit the road’ again. A return to Truro via a sun-dappled Ladock Valley is always a reasonable option, encouraging Trudie and Judy to stride forth with extra mileage home via St Michael Penkevil, etc. Close inspection of primroses again, I suspect!

How nice to be out and not rained on…………..

Distance:            33 miles

Riders:                Trudie, Judy Lawrence, John Flowers, Nigel Andrews, Niq Carter-Rowe and the Tour Director – JK.

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