ACR (‘Alternative Club Ride’) Wadebridge: 20 July 2014

Good to see a collection of 8 of us at Lemon Quay this morning, including two riders new to our escapades. First of all, apologies to one of those (Martin) for setting off a little too quickly up Tregolls Road and nearly putting him off! I just wanted to get out of the city traffic asap. Subsequent to this we all stayed together pretty well, over hill and down dale and over few piles of china clay.

The route did include one or two hills; I did offer the option of exchanging one of these for a stroll along the Camel Trail for the last 4 miles into Wadebridge but only Jeremy appeared to want to take up the offer so he bravely joined the rest of us up the final slog.

A sunny coffee stop was had at ‘The Shed’ in Wadebridge, with our group of seven (Dominic having had to rush back home) taking up the whole of their outside seating. Topics for discussion included various aspects of the current TdF as well as a potted history of the ‘Alternative’ club ride, which for those who are still unsure is a slightly slower alternative to the faster 9am rides – billed as 13-14mph but we seem to average a little faster at times.

After an exhilarating ride over St Breoc Downs (one of my favourite bits of road in the area) the return home was then via the time-honoured Ladock Valley, where we managed to stay together brilliantly for a team ‘time trial’ back to Tresillian, although it was noted that John never got the chance to do his stint at the front.

At the final hurdle the group split somewhat as Jeremy had big problems with broken gear cabling, which meant a long walk for him via Pencalenick whilst the rest of us toiled up the usual long incline back up to Julian Foye.

Total about 56 miles; the route can be seen at

Riders: Jeremy, John, Barney , Julian, Dominic, Tim, Martin, and leader Chris

Mostly sunny, dry, gentle NW wind.

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