ACR – Tehidy – 3rd August 2014

It was nice to see three new cyclists at the Drummer on Lemon Quay. Dave and Paul are already members of the club and it was great to see they wanted to give the ACR a go. It was also nice to welcome Andy, who had just moved into the area looking for a cycling club with a relaxed atmosphere to join. Apart from myself, we also had four of the motley crew (Chris F, John B, Barney and Shaun) so eight cyclists climbed out of Truro in a westerly direction.

I planned a 32 mile route to Tehidy along the country lanes. I believe everyone enjoyed the route going to places the club ride doesn’t tend to go like Gwennap. Even the hamlets of Crelly and Bodilly brought a smile to some faces as it was one of those country lanes which is hardly never used with grass growing in the middle of the road, but it was a new road for all!

After a cycle through Praze, Penponds and Coombe we finally arrived at Tehidy. Shaun and Andy left us at the entrance of the country park as they needed to get back to Truro so the remaining six cyclists cycled down Tehidy Drive towards the café. I think I made a right choice in the destination as the views entering the Tehidy Country Park with the woods and golf course was picturesque and when I saw the size of the cakes in the café I knew I was onto a winner.

I had a thumbs up from Paul and Dave as they enjoyed the ACR. They were concerned about how they would cope with the hills, but I was glad to have their company as I had someone to talk to on the climbs for I’m usually left on my own!!

After our coffee break everyone cycled back to Truro apart from myself as I was only just under two miles from home…that was well planned!!

You can follow Chris F’s link on the route at

Writer of report: Jeremy Bond – Mileage:- 48 miles



  1. Welcome to the Club Andy. Glad you enjoyed the ACR and we look forward to seeing you on future rides

  2. tregeseal · · Reply

    Hi Jeremy and gang,
    I really enjoyed all of your company today and thanks to you all for making me feel so welcome. It was good to cycle around areas I do not normally venture to so I know I will benefit from all of your knowledge about the Truro and surrounding areas. I did have to get back to our City because my Wife was doing her own Reece along the river from Malpas to Tresillian with our three Labradors. Thanks to Shaun for showing me a higher level of pace which is what I need because I have been in a bubble of solo riding for too long!
    As soon as I cooled off on my return home I joined the club with the online paypal link and will be popping in to Clive Mitchells to see if theres a club shirt available so I can hopefully look the part the next time were out.
    Thank you for a very enjoyable morning,
    Andy Taskis.

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