Ride to Zelah 17th August

Zelah – 17th August

On a rather damp and blustery morning there were only 5 riders who left Lemon Quay to ride up Moresk Road to the traffic lights at Tregolls Road and down into Tresillian where a few items of wet clothing were discarded. We rode along through the Ladock Valley without any problems and beyond Brighton Cross to the turning for the ‘Crap’ Yard, then over the Summercourt Road and the A30 into St Enoder where we turned left to get back towards Zelah.

A quiet ride through the lanes with nothing to report, not too much traffic, a few spots of rain here and there. There were a few queries as to whether the ride leader knew where she was (and this time she had done her homework and could reassure them she did – but not sure they believed her!!).

We subsequently arrived in Mitchell where we passed through the village and up along the A30 to Carland Cross, down what used to be the A30 and across it to Ennis (this is where Josh decided to leave us and ride into Truro). It was also at this point that the heavens really opened so we sheltered under a tree whilst the worse of it was over, then tree-hopped along the road till it had stopped completely. We then joined the busy A30 for a little trip down to the Goonhavern turning and so into Zelah where we were met by Mike who had kindly driven out with some money for the ride leader who had left home penniless!

After a reasonable lunch (a bit pricey) we decided, as the sun was now shining brightly, to make a detour to Perranporth and home via Goonhavern, which we did. Perranporth
was a mass of people and cars, so we didn’t stop for our usual look at the beach, but pressed on along Perrancoombe to Mithian Downs where Hugh left for home and some sticky-toffee pudding.

The remainder rode on up to the Silverwell turning where Niq left for his sticky-toffee pudding and then the remaining two rode on home.

Weather damp to start and quite windy but loverly and sunny later on
Distance should have been 25 miles but due to the detour it turned out to be 40ish
Riders Hugh Bryson, Niq Carter-Rowe, John Gilbert, Josh Silverman and ride leader – Christine Rogers

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