Ride Report. 24 August, 2014 Twelve go to Goss Moor Cafe, via three different routes.

Seven gathered by the DrummerBoy and set off on this ….’chilly for August’…Sunday morning.
First brief stop Tresillian to add 3 more riders to our peloton. Next stop Truck Fork to drop 4 riders from our peloton. These 4 continued on through the Ladock Valley, the remainder cycled up to Probus, where JK joined us…(…7 riders now, keep up…which wasn’t always easy cos it was hilly…) Helland Barton, Grampound Road, up to SeaView Terrace, up a bit more to Higher Fraddon (lovely views…..but why would one paint one’s house navy blue ?). Descended to Indian Queens where we met up with the valley folk…..bringing our peloton to 10. Through Toldish, past the rag recycling, past the old Silver mine ( ha …we went from rags to riches!)…Ruthvoes and arriving at lunch stop just past noon and just before two more of our members, who had wanted to put in a few more miles. So twelve seated, very cosily, round an almost big enough table. Teas, coffees, paninis, sandwiches, jackets, cream tea and cakes variously enjoyed at extremely reasonable prices. Burnt off a few more calories returning via St Enoder and the infamous crap yard.
Riders, in no particular order…John G, John F, Pete H, Ian C, Dave B, Jim K, Christine
and Mike R, Hannah and Paul C, new rider Jamie S (welcome…hope we see you again) and Jude L.

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