Sunday Ride to Gerrans 26th October

Sunday 26th October to Gerrans.
Eleven members,  who remembered to put their clocks back an hour, gathered on the Piazza.
Hugh and Pete decided to go on an easier ride back to the north coast . Nine of of us ,with no fear of  The Roseland,
headed out to Tresillian and up into Tregothnan Estate. We picked up Jim near to Probus and carried on  through Gare and Lamorran Woods, over Sett  Bridge and into Ruan Lanihorne.
Up the dreaded Highfield Terrace to Ruanhighlanes. We arrived at The Royal Standard just before 12pm and sat out in garden with our sandwiches and soups. We were then join by Paul and Hanna . The twelve of us headed back to Ruanhighlanes and Paul,Hanna,Jim and Ian carried on towards Tregony and home while the rest of us headed for the King Harry Ferry.
We were persuaded by Paul to stop for Tea and Cakes at Trelissick ,but Terry and Dave resisted and carried on back to Truro. We said good bye to Paul and Roz at Playing Place and then there were three.
Me and Jude went back to Tresillian and Tom left us in Truro. The riders – Jude,John,Roz,Paul.Tom,Niq,Jim,Dave,Terry,Ian,Jim,Paul and Hanna. 35miles
Leader   John Flowers

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