21 September 2014 Hell’s Mouth Cafe

21 September 2014 Hell’s Mouth Cafe

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly left Lemon Quay on a chilly morning at 10.10. It was

pointed out to Niq that his full English was very much in doubt as the route that we would

be taking was via Four Lanes and Gwithian.

The group of ten made their way up Station Road and on to Threemilestone. On through

Bissoe and up Combe Hill to challenge the Strava KOM time currently standing at 4.06

minutes, unfortunately the best the ride leader could achieve was 7.21minutes.

The route took the group through Carharrack and Lanner onto Four Lanes following some

relative flat Cornish terrain. The next stop was Praze-an-Beeble to be followed by the

highlight of day. Three ladies from the Tri-Logic overtook the group on the road to Carnhill

Green with Niq in hot pursuit; unfortunately they turned right as we crossed onto the

Gwithian Road.

Right at Gwithian with the steep climb to Hell’s Mouth Café. The sun had emerged which

allowed us take up residence on the outside tables. Niq reported that our average speed

was12.7 miles per hour excluding our many stops. Hugh was waiting for our group of ten

at the Café and planned to ride back to Truro with us.

After lunch Hugo left us to return to Stithians whilst the rest of us made our way to

Portreath were Niq headed to the beach for swim followed by Ros and Paul as spectators.

The remainder of the group headed in the direction of Truro with various individuals

departing at the appropriate points of the route to make their way home.

The distance from Lemon Quay to Truro 44.5 miles.

Riders:  Nigel Andrews. Ian Cook, John Gilbert, Peter Hargreaves, Chris Fearnley, Ros and

Paul Dangerfield, Hugo Whitlock, Niq Cater-Rowe, Hugh Bryson and ride leader Paul


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