Sunday 19th October – Easy Ride to Mithian

Sunday 19th October – Easy to Mithian

Twelve – yes 12, easy riders left Lemon Quay for a trip to Mithian.  We left Truro via the

Coosebean cycle track rather than risk Station Road and Sainsburys Roundabout which

warmed everyone up.  We crossed the road and dropped down Newbridge Road and up a

bit too.  Tops were being disposed of all along the road, so it took a while to get to the

Chacewater Road which we rolled happily along, then through Chacewater, up Station

Road and up under the railway and A30 bridges to Blackwater, where according to Hugh

we took the notorious ‘North Hill’ not too bad after all and right towards Two Burrows.

There was more tops shedding here – shirt-sleeve order now prevailed in the warm

sunshine.  We turned out onto the St Agnes Highway as far as the Goonbell turning where

we realised that we had lost both Hugh and Peter (they being the last to strip off).

However we rode on towards Mithian Downs when we encountered two rider coming

towards us – one in TCC jersey – here were Hugh and Peter having had a problem getting

their tops into the bags, back pockets, etc.  Hugh decided he had dozens of things to do,

so decided to leave us here.  And at this point we were harangued by a lady driver for

filling up the road, she said she didn’t object to cyclists, (very kind of you to say so) but

didn’t like being held up, she promptly turned left into a parking space!!!!!!!!!!  The

remaining 11 continued on to Mithian Downs, and so down into Mithian where we were

met by Mike who had ridden out to join us for lunch and ride home.

Lunch was as usual very enjoyable with most of us having their excellent pave’s.  And a

good deal of happy banter (Mike not being rude once). Just as we were departing we met

Hugo, who had arrived after a morning’s work for lunch with friends.  We said our

farewells and headed off towards Perranporth (where we slowed to walking pace to pass a

beautiful shire horse out with his rider – he was a Clydesdale-cross with the most

wonderful hairy hooves). Down through Bolingey (where we all had to stop while Mike

went back to rescue a hairy caterpillar who was dicing with death trying to cross the

road), Perrancoombe then towards Silverwell .  At the St Agnes junction Paul, Ros, Bob,

Peter and Niq left for home, and Steve left us to go back to Treliske via Chiverton

Roundabout (very brave).

We cycled through the lanes back to the A30 and so into Shortlanesend where we split


An easy ride, everyone saying how much it had been enjoyed and the change of route


Riders: Jude & John F, Peter, Hugh, Paul & Ros, Bob, John G, Niq, Mike, and two new

riders Sarah Payne and Steve (who wished to remain anonymous but said he intended to

join the Club.  Ride Leader – Christine

Weather: Bit cloudy to start but the sun soon came out and the temperature rose to a

comfortable 18°C.

Distance: Approximately 30 miles at an easy pace of 10 mph

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