Club Ride – Heligan Gardens – Sunday 2nd November 2014

Ten cyclists (Chris F, Gareth, Andy, Damon, Dom, John B, Martin, Dave, Nigel and myself) met at Lemon Quay for my final 2014 club ride as leader.  It was going to be a short forty mile ride, and has we were heading towards the Roseland it was also going to be quite hilly, but very scenic.  Weather-wise it was a strange climate for November as the temperature was warm and the skies were blue, a few days ago we had the warmest Halloween since records began!

Of course, we couldn’t go without John, so once he appeared we knew it was time to go.  The route took us on the Old Falmouth Road, left at Kea School and down into Cowlands.  We were aiming for the King Harry Ferry and the bunch were getting concerned I was going to take them on the sustrans cycle route to the ferry, my fellow cyclists should have more faith in their ride leader as I knew the route was unrideable.

So I took them on a beach instead at Pendower!! The scenery was superb so I thought everyone will be delighted I took them on a beach to admire the views, but there is no pleasing some cyclists, complaining about carrying their bikes! I was only following the sustrans cycle route!  One particular cyclist thought the road after the beach would be too steep for him and so he was planning to walk, how pleased he was when he rode up and conquered the hill.

Although the route was a little hilly, I think everyone agreed the scenery as we cycled through Portloe, Portholland and Caerhays was worth the pain! It was a nice relaxing atmosphere as everyone cycled at a slow pace to ensure we were all together for most of the way.

When we reached Heligan, Gareth and Dom headed back to Truro so the remaining eight went into the café for some refreshments.  When we arrived Paul and Hannah had just finished their coffee and were heading back and just as we were leaving John F, Jude and Niq appeared.  It is rare for both the morning rides to meet up and it was great to have a chat before the journey home

Nigel stayed behind to join the late comers, and so we were down to seven cyclists.  They should rename this place ‘The Lost Cyclist of Heligan’ as after a while it was noticed we lost Martin on route.  Unsure how this happened as I was sure he was with us when we cycled away from the place we parked our bikes…I have never lost a cyclist before (I have lost Chris F lots of times but he doesn’t count!) especially a cyclist who was new to the area but I was comforted to know Martin only needed to go back to the café where there were cyclists who were nice and kind-hearted to show him the way home.

The rest of the route took us to Sticker and across to Ladock and then on the fast road back to Truro, the route was flatter than the outbound trip and we were back in Truro by 1.15pm after a great ride which I hoped was enjoyed by all.

Ride Leader:  Jeremy Bond  40 Miles


  1. Oh yes Chris F we find you again! I was thinking of the trip around the Clay Country in January when we lost you and met you again at the coffee stop, and the last time we cycled to Porthleven, you disappeared for a while when we reached Carleen!

  2. chrisfearnley · · Reply

    “I have lost Chris F lots of times” ??? What do you mean, Jeremy? I hope you found me again…

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