Easy Mystery Ride (Bolingey) 16.11.2014

Nine riders turned out for John Gilbert’s  Easy Mystery Ride .
They were – John Gilbert,John Flowers,Jude Lawrence,Bob Homer,Christine Rogers,Dave Bennetts,Niq Carter-Rowe,Tom Green and Sarah.
We headed out of Truro via Lemon St, Charles St and Station Hill then along the main  road to Threemilestone.
On down through Tromperrow ,Kerley Downs and into Chacewater .Along Station Road to Blackwater , Mount Hawke and into Mithian. We had by now discovered that we were heading for John’s favourite lunch stop the Bolingey Inn.
We arrived via Perranporth and all sat down to enjoy Cauliflower Soup or their famous Doorstopper Sandwiches and as much Coffee as you want for the price of one.
We hoped to get back to Truro before the rain came down and set out back through Perranporth, Perrancombe, Trevellas and Silverwell. John ,Christine and Bob turned off here for Shortlanesend and the rest carried on via Kea Down Road and on to Truro when the rain came heavily down.
From Truro and back 30 miles at an average speed of 10mph.

TCC at Bolingey

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