Intermediate Ride to Godrevy 7-12-2014

The Intermediate riders met alongside the usual 10.00 O’clock riders on the Piazza – which is a much livelier place than at 9.00 O’clock. Owing to some absences, the core consisted only of John & Cindy Butler and Chris F. (Cindy was the one without the beard) However we managed to poach a couple of riders (Nigel and Niq) from the group. I hoped that a group of five should be reasonably feasible to herd along at an intended 11-12 mph..
We headed out via Chapel Hill – always a tough start, which set the scene for a fairly lumpy outward leg. As we continued via Penweathers, Twelveheads, Chacewater & Illogan it became clear that the wind as well as the gradients were not on our side. We descended down on a very dodgy road surface (which was to be resurfaced the next day!) to Coombe and then on to Godrevy. The wind was feeling pretty keen and I wasn’t envying Niq’s chosen attire of T shirt and shorts!
The haven of Godrevy beach Cafe greeted us where we enjoyed some hot drinks and food. I was aware that we were averaging only slightly over 10 mph but hoped that more favourable wind and terrain might help us to achieve the Intermediate target speed.
Coats were donned for the return leg which would be a simple romp up the coast road to Portreath, Cambrose, Skinners Bottom and Penstraze.
The return journey took on quite a different complexion, as hoped the wind was largely behind us and we even enjoyed some intermittent sun to help keep warm, although all five were in jackets by now!
Nigel left us to head off via Wheal rose and after a sprint along the Penstraze stretch Niq headed off towards Carnon Downs.
Chilly rain greeted us as the three originals arrived back in Truro.
The final stats revealed a route of just under 40 miles at an average that had risen to just under 12 mph. A ride of truly Intermediate proportions!
Ride led and reported by John B

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