Ice in the Sun

I left home in plenty of time to roll down the hill to Lemon quay for 9 o’clock. But as soon as I saw the road surface it was obvious that the rolling down wouldn’t be too easy this morning. After a very cautious mile, and having arrived safely (but not the first to be there as I had planned) I suggested that we while away a  few minutes having coffee while the sun started to do its work on the frozen bits.

I think I made the right decision; we all arrived safely at King Harry, kingharry

by which time there was little evidence of icy patches as we flew round St Mawes and back up (mainly on the quiet A road to avoid the shady lanes I had planned to take) to Griggs at Hewas Water for coffee. After meeting up with the ‘easier’ riders, who were staying for lunch, we found a quickish way back via Grampound Road, except for Julian who decide an extra loop to Innis Downs was in order.

Riders: Martin, Julian, John, Jeremy, Barney, Chris, Andy, and me (Chris). 42 miles, about 13 mph average.

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