Ride Report Sunday 25.01.2015 To Stithians Golden Lion (Again)

Best laid plans to offer a different destination from my usual rides went awry when a midweek phone call to

the Star at Porkellis revealed their kitchen was a building site and although they were enthusiastic to be

descended upon by assorted cyclist types they would have no sustenance to offer. So once more the Golden

Lion was the target for our lunch stop.

Something also went amiss with the leader’s plan to arrive in good time for a hot chocolate before the off,

something to do with a very wonky estimation of the mileage involved in his meandering route into Truro.

So at ten to ten he found nothing less than a throng already assembled to set forth. John and John and

Jonathan and Ros and Paul  and Peter and Terry and Niq and Thom and Dave and a very welcome addition of

two new faces in the form of Dave and Melinda plus a leader ready to journey with his map.

Keen to meet the “long easy” criteria the leader had several versions of the route in mind with various cut-outs

depending on speed and distance travelled. All motivated by a desire to avoid the direct frontal assault on

Stithians and instead stage a sneaky flanking attack from the north-west.

We began with a climb up past the station (new water bottle kindly acquired from the gutter for the leader by

Dave Rickett) and then through Highertown, past the Hospital and out via Threemilestone and Green Bottom

to Dangerous Crossroads and right and left to pass up Kea Downs Road. Crossing the top of Blackwater Hill we

went towards Two Burrows and then set off left on the Mount Hawke Road and then a left fork to send us

through Skinners Bottom, part of the way towards Porthtowan and then another left fork and a familiar route

through Mawla and Cambrose and using the Portreath road to Bridge. At least one rider remarked that we

were not on an obvious route to Stithians!

At this point the leader abandoned ambitious loops that would have visited such exotic locations as the North

Cliffs, Tehidy or even the giddy parade of Trelowarren Street and Dolcoath Road in Camborne. And drew forth

from his pannier to much excited comment his trusty map. Forsooth on paper! And last “Significant Revision”

2003. And just about managed to lead a direct passage up the hill from Bridge, through Painter’s Lane End and

Illogan and Park Bottom to pass under the A30 and emerge in Pool. Then followed a totally unplanned cycle-

through at Tesco Extra when the road was found to be being rebuilt. Jonathan declared this the highlight of

the route!

Over the railway line and immediately right to Brea and the beginning of the steady climb to Four Lanes via

Carn Arthen, Treskillard Farm, the Countryman pub and up Loscomb Road. There is an alternative route the

leader is keen to try for this section but it is probably better served by warmer dryer months. The final leg

came directly from Four Lanes to Penhalvean and then refreshment. Jonathan departed at this point to make

his way back to Truro.

After lunch a parting of the ways with half the group opting for a Redruth Sandy Lane route and the leader

piloting the rest back towards Frogpool and Perranwell along some tiny lanes blocked at one point by a vast

tractor trimming the hedges and, as it turned out, strewing the path with prickly bits of plant. Somewhere

down Badger Hill as we headed to Burncoose Dave Rickett had a double misfortune to puncture and crash.

Paul’s excellent back pocket first aid stash was proffered for the wound and the tyre was fixed with assistants.

Gentle progress to Pulla Cross and then the leader peeled off to go back up the hill to Stithians.

Two observations. The trio of way points called “Bottom” was not intentional though it gives me an idea and,

when plotting the whole thing again on a website route mapper (walk, jog, run) a number of times when we

were either going up or down (or once strangely along) Chapel Hill.

Remarkably dry and never worse than cool the whole day.

Many thanks to the staff at the Golden Lion who were able to set aside three tables in the snug at short notice.

And thank you too to John Flowers for lanterne rouge duties on the day.

And thank you to all who came along. Best wishes to Dave following his tumble.

I am still determined to break free of the freakish attraction of riding towards my own house and lead to some

more diverse destination. And also to make a trip to Porkellis when they have a functioning hob. Following the

startling diversion through Tesco car park, maybe a themed drive-thru route later in the year! With a KFC


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