intermediate club ride 15 February 2015 aka 50 sheds of grey

Dave Bennett : ride Leader
Rod Tinson
Paul Charlesworth
John Flowers
Chris Fearnley
Thom Green
Six riders left 108 coffee shop at a moment or two after 9:45 and ascended Falmouth Road and then the hill to Kea school. From the roundabout we paused briefly at Carnon Downs Garden centre in order to admire the range of sheds on offer. Heading for Bissoe along the eponymous lane, we saw several more fine specimens of outdoor building, which stimulated a philosophical debate as to why Cows live in Sheds but Horses reside in Stables.
A level route along the Carnon Valley to Twelveheads and then Chacewater warmed everybody up and helped to assuage the keen disappointment that the garden centre had closed and was now an indoor market. Not that the old garden centre actually sold sheds anyway.
Station road to Blackwater and on to Mount Hawke with a strenuous climb to Gover farm before turning left to Mingoose.
Clockwise around the beacon and through St Agnes via Water Lane to reach a decision point. Turning right to Goonbell and left to Mithian to arrive at the Miners’ Arms PH for luncheon. A grand feast with the easy riders was precluded due to a segregation policy in effect. Ian joined us for part of the return leg.
Suitably refreshed we headed for Perranporth via Blowinghouse, with several gear changing problems at the ford turning. Then through Bolingey to Goonhavern, where nobody wished to take the minute detour to the Garden Centre. On through Fiddler’s Green to St Newlyn East , where Ian said his goodbyes; then through Mitchell to Carland Cross. Finally down the cycle track passing Trispen, Truthan and St Allen to Truro.
45 miles at an average speed of 11 mph. Some said it was a bit hilly; 916m of climbing might support this observation. More sheds anybody?

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