Easy Ride Report – Sunday 15th February 2015

On arriving at 108 Coffee House on Lemon Quay  I was met with an exodus of TCC shirts falling out the

door, prior to riding on the Intermediate Ride.

After the signing, the ‘Easy Riders’ set off through town and along the Idless Valley with the sun on

our backs and the wind nowhere to be found – perfect!  On arrival at the B3284 we turned right and

second left towards Tregavethen (though there was a ‘closed road’ sign at the corner).  We tentatively

cycled past the barking Rottweillers and found that the road itself had a 18 inch section cut out right

along the middle of it and about 3 ft deep, so we rode along even more tentatively along a narrow

strip at the side of the road till the road became more itself again.

We encountered no further problems cycling past Penstraze and along Kea Down Road, a friendly

motorist allowing us to cross the old A30 at Blackwater.  It was at this point that the ride leader

stopped to collect a tow-bar cap which she found lying in the road (a rare find indeed).

Hugh decided to leave us at the junction with the B3277 and as time was getting short we made a

short cut along the straight road past Silverwell and into Mithian for lunch. We ordered our meals

and drinks, then the Intermediate riders turned up too, unfortunately there not being enough seating

we had to stay with our 2 groups in separate rooms.

After a good repast of the Miners Arm’s delicious pavé, we mounted up, Pete & Ian left at this stage

while the remainder rode to join the B3284 again.  Here Jackie and Ian left for their respective homes

while the remainder set off for Bolingey.  However a further stop as Paul had spotted a further

reward on the road – a GPS along with its lead and fitting swinging from a bush at the side of the road

(an even rarer find).  Obviously our lucky day.

Down into Bolingey and a quick look at the sea from the Beach – lots of dogs and kids but not many

in the sea – it did look a bit wild. Back on the bikes and up Perrancoombe, past John Opie’s house,

back through Mithian Down, towards the Silverwell Turning where Paul, Roz and Niq went their

separate ways.  Leaving just John G and the ride leader to return to Shortlanesend.

Riders: John Gilbert, Pete Hargreaves, Ian Cook, Hugh Bryson, Paul and Roz Delderfield, Niq Carter-

Rowe, Ian Clark, Jackie (new girl, whom we hope to see again) and Ride Leader – Christine Rogers

Weather: Sunny (not too warm though) and only a slight zephyr.

Distance: 29 miles (average 8.9 mph)

Finds: Tow-bar cap and a GPS – Wow

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