Ride report 5th April Easyteregg ride

Nice to see Jude out with the Club after a few weeks of recuperation and new rider, Vaughan.
Easter Sunday starts bright and clear but clouds over as we gather at the Piazza. After a quick round of mini-eggs 11 riders set off up Lemon Street towards the station. Taking the highertown road, we turn left at the Spar shop and head for Baldhu by way of the Tennis Club and Besore. More stops for chocolates help to ease the climbing and we roll crazily down to Twelveheads followed by a flattish route to Chacewater and then Blackwater. People take the climb up to the ATV  centre at their individual pace and we re-group at the T junction. Skirting Mount Hawke up to Gover Farm we reach St Agnes and divert to Goonown. After a right turn its down and up towards Silverwell and then left to reach Mithian at 12:05
Despite numerous chocolate stops we are all ready for lunch except Vaughan and Terry, who have family commitments.
Returning to Truro via Silverwell and Allet we gradually separate in varying directions and my satnav reads 25 miles, Average speed 10mph, climbing 500metres

Riders: Jude Lawrence, John Flowers, Paul and Ros Delderfield, Terry Rodd, Dave Bennett, Thom Green, Ian Clark, Vaughan Prisk, Hugo Whitlock, Niq  Carter  Rowe
Ride Leader: Dave Bennett

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