Destination Demelza – easy ride Sunday 26th April 2015

A few cyclists gathered outside Weatherspoons on a cool Spring Sunday.
After signing Jane’s book, discussing destinations and pace, nine of us including New Rider John, set off for an easy-paced ride towards Demelza. We left Truro via Moresk and on through Tresillian, Probus and down into Ladock. Our New Rider John had no problem keeping pace, having recently spent six months touring France ( lucky him!). Here, in Ladock, we came to an abrupt halt. New John’s bike broke ! After my much hmm-ing, ha-ing and head scratching it was declared un-roadside mendable. Nothing for it but for him to start the long walk home (unlucky him ! )

We continued on in a strong headwind towards our destination.  Having lost a bit of time not-fixing a bike and spreading rumours about the steep hills involved with Destination Demelza, we ‘reluctantly’ stopped short of our Des.Dem. and enjoyed a very tasty lunch at the Victoria Inn, Roche.(except for the soup, but that’s another story).

Meanwhile Mike R., who had joined us in Ladock, left us again in Fraddon and returned to rescue New John in Tresillian and very kindly put him and his broken bike in his Berlingo to take them back them safely to Truro.

Riders: Ian Clark, Ian Cook, Roz and Paul Delderfield, John Flowers, John Gilbert, Christine Rogers, Mike Rogers, New-Rider John Leighton, and Jude Lawrence (Ride Leader)
Miles 39
Average 10 mph.

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