Monthly Archives: June 2015

Intermediate ride June 28th to St Columb Minor

Saturday, hot and sunny. Monday, hot and sunny. But we had to go on Sunday, which was wet, dank and dreary as a, well, a wet Sunday. But we are Truro Cycling Club, and rain, mist and a cold wind off the Atlantic only bring out the hero/heroine in every one of us, so we […]

Easy Ride to Penelewey 31.05.2015

It was hard finding many who believed the forecasters and so it turned out to be. Still; seven hardy souls, including two new members, wrapped in waterproofs set off from Wetherspoons full of optimism. Cobbles gave way to climbing as we headed for the Idless valley and Allet. Refreshing breezes helped prevent overheating as we […]