Easy Ride to Penelewey 31.05.2015

It was hard finding many who believed the forecasters and so it turned out to be.
Still; seven hardy souls, including two new members, wrapped in waterproofs set off from Wetherspoons full of optimism. Cobbles gave way to climbing as we headed for the Idless valley and Allet. Refreshing breezes helped prevent overheating as we made steady progress to Silverwell. With a definite hint of blue skies on the horizon we made the dogleg turn to Skinners’ Bottom and then left to Smoky Joe’s. Crossing the A30 by flyover we took the little broken lanes towards Twelveheads. Too broken it transpired, as a short delay to fix a puncture was required.
Along the Carnon valley it was decided to cut out the route to Point and Harris’ Hill, so we mashed our molars up to Carnon Downs and then the washboard road to Feock. Debbie had her own plans at this point. Lunch was doubly welcome and ironically, once inside, the rain finally abated.
Oddly, after lunch, everyone elected for the shortest route home except Niq who was off to Lidl (or is it Aldi?).
Easy Riders were: Dave Bennett (ride leader), Rod Tinson, Debbie Barnett, Niq Carter-Rowe, Terry Rodd, Carl Jackaman and Bernard Njoroge

At the Punchbowl and Ladle

At the Punchbowl and Ladle

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