Intermediate ride June 28th to St Columb Minor

Saturday, hot and sunny. Monday, hot and sunny. But we had to go on Sunday, which was wet, dank and dreary as a, well, a wet Sunday. But we are Truro Cycling Club, and rain, mist and a cold wind off the Atlantic only bring out the hero/heroine in every one of us, so we rattle over the glistening cobbles of Boscawen Street and through the tulgy lanes of Idless and up and down the murky hills to Zelah. Why hasn’t ‘Zelah’ established itself as the first name of slightly bohemian, pony-riding middle-class girls?  Beats me. It’s an exclamation of a name, like Westward Ho! Zelah! Anyway, in Zelah(!), Dave rode down to the village to pick up Paul and Hannah, after suggesting that Melinda, Nigel and Rod carry on. So, after recovering from the excitement of dashing through the Gap in the Hedge, they do.
Following NCR 32, the weather still attritional, they whizz through Fiddler’s Green to St. Newlyn East, plunge deep into the bowels of the earth and come up at Trerice, where you can’t get no nosh unless you’ve got a National Trust card. Zelah! On to Trerice Mill, and a pause to allow Dave, Paul and Hannah to catch up. Rod and Melinda loiter on the bridge, discussing nautical things like mullet, working boats and moorings. Nigel goes into a field. Comes out again. Nothing much happens until the other party rolls down the hill. I doubt if anything much ever happens at Trerice Mill.
But! Zelah! Something has happened! While beyond the guidance of the wise old ride leader, Dave has crashed into the back of Hannah, picked up some road rash and, worst of all, got mud all over his TCC shirt. However, with the hopeless optimism of a Spurs supporter, and much solicitude all round, he carries on.
After Paul and Hannah leave the ride to meet a previous engagement, they scoot over the A3075 in a gap in the traffic, zoom through the inspiring dereliction of Trencreek and, Zelah! are held up by a train at the level crossing, a big train, looking as though it has strayed from the main line for a dip in the sea on Fistral beach.
Then there’s a short interlude along the main road towards Treviglas School and onto a cycleway into St. Columb Minor and lunch in the Farmer’s Arms. While waiting for the pub to open at 12, a pedantic member of the group (me) notices a misplaced apostrophe on a metal plaque on the church wall. Much barely contained outrage all round. Luckily the pub opens before anyone (me) can chisel it off with his multi-tool.
A very pleasant ride back through Colan, Trebudannon, White Cross and home through Mitchell. Melinda’s rear wheel punctures on the heady descent down the old Trispen road, and is soon mended. All that remains is for Dave to go home and wash his shirt.
On the ride: Rod (ride leader), Melinda, Nigel, Dave B, and, briefly, Paul and Hannah.

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