Ride report Sunday 6th July St Mawes Once More Into The Wind

Once more into the Wind.

The bells chiming 10 o’clock were barely audible as the thunderclaps echoed around the piazza. Yet, while most Club Members remained snug in their beds, three hardy souls sought what scanty shelter was offered beneath the drummer.
Determined to make the most of the day, Dave, Niq and Debbie ascended Lemon Street then down Old Falmouth Road before following NCN 3 to the King Harry Ferry.
By this time Debbie had yearnings for home and that left just two riders to board the ferry. Niq’s appetite is legendary but Dave took the opportunity to phone ahead to cancel 10 of the dozen sandwiches which might otherwise have been awaiting us.
The rain had stopped and the wind was helpfully doing its best to stop us arriving too early for lunch, which did have the additional benefit of drying the roads a little. Despite the wind, we were in need of adding a detour to ensure we arrived at St Mawes after 12:00 so we took in the sights of Philleigh and Treworthal before heading back into the wind through Trewithian. Taking the diversion towards Gerrans added some welcome, if superfluous, climbing to the route. Passing St Just-in-Roseland, we were soon admiring the Castle and discussing its vital role in the Civil War.
The weather was good enough to sit outside at the Rising Sun for lunch. Such good weather that Niq (dismissing the Chairman’s advice to wait a full hour after eating) went for a swim.
Taking a circular route back towards St Just, it was little surprise that the wind had turned and was blowing against us once more. Turning left at St Just, we almost reached the ferry (with the temptation of a second lunch break at Trelissick) when guilt forced us back through Philleigh towards Ruans Highlanes and Lanihorne.
If Strava were capable, I am confident it would report the slowest ever transit of the creekside to Sett Bridge. Through Lamorran woods to St Michael Penkivel and on to Tresillian was filled with conversation of books only one of us had read, films only one of us had seen and lines from songs that we could not name. An excellent preparation for the next pub quiz!
Taking the short route via Pencalenick, we arrived back in Truro with bragging rights of 38 miles completed at an average speed of 9.3 mph.
Easy riders were: Dave Bennett (leader), Niq Carter-Rowe and Debbie Barnett

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  1. Admirable ! 🙂

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