The Elm Tree Tea-Rooms Saga Part I, Tehidy Woods (August 16th)

The Elm Tree Tea-Rooms Saga Part I, Tehidy Woods (August 16th)
When I rang up the the Elm Tree a few days prior to my August ride, which was scheduled to go there, they went into dither mode…
To whit, they said
“Well, we, the owners, are away that Sunday, and we’re going to have a couple of temps in”
and they continued with “So we couldn’t possibly book in 8 cyclists at lunchtime”
So consequently the Sunday ride was diverted to the cafe in Tehidy woods, which can and does cope with any number of random cyclists turning up,
without either requiring them to book in advance, or having a nervous breakdown (the owners, not the cyclists that is)
In the event the weather was pleasant and a company of 13 cyclists set out from Truro.
A fairly standard route was picked for the 15 miles to Tehidy.
Up station road, through Higher Town, sneak past the Maplins towards Greenbottom.
Past “dangerous crossing”, fortunately not having to turn, straight through down to Chacewater,
Oblique left, past the eponymous “Truro Tractors”, a quick sweep downhill, sharp right at Crofthandy,
(mind the oncoming traffic that you can’t see coming round the bend).
Through Carharrack, not the usual right hand turn towards Lanner,
Instead attempt to fool everyone by taking the next one on…
Sharp right at Trevarth, up a hill that, whilst seemingly unknown to the group at large,
was both remarkably steep, and thankfully only short, to get back on to the Lanner road.
Cross Lanner Hill, straight onto a short section of the Mineral Trail
(with any luck not too lumpy for all those proper cyclists riding with skinny, slick tires)
Again crossing the main road, Buller Hill, onto Copper Lane downhill and struggle up to Carnkie,
over the top of the hill to Piece, turn right for a quick blast down Whitecross Hill,
Past that wonderful shopping institution, aka Tesco,
Through Pool, mind the speed humps, nice to be going downhill or on the flat though…
Along Mount Whistle Road, swift right down towards the golf club,
and Lo…
The charming Tehidy Woods cafe awaits, decent inexpensive food,
speedily served by pleasant staff, eaten at rustic table, surrounded by birds and trees…
After lunch most of us carried on, back out of the Park, around to the right, and right again,
towards the top of the Portreath wall…
Fortunately, the brakes do still seem to work when you get to the hairpin half way down to Portreath…
This was followed by a more relaxing potter along to Bridge, with a bit of nip up Mile Hill via Cambrose,
turning right at the Eco Park and following the road around in the general direction of Mount Hawke
(to where apparently, according to some observers, all roads lead),
Through Skinners Bottom and onwards towards the turning for Chiverton Cross,
at this point the group diverged, all going their separate ways, to a variety of destinations,
Mount Hawke, Shortlanes End, Truro, and Carnon Downs, to mention but a few…
So a total ride of around 30 miles, depending on your ultimate destination, ridden at a leisurely pace,
in fine weather…
As they say round these parts “Proper Job”
Riders:  David Folland, Richard Moore, Dave Smith, Tom and Dave Bennett, Debbie Barnett, John Gilbert, John Wetherill, Peter Hargreaves, Ros and Paul Delderfield, Thom Green and ride leader Niq Carter-Rowe.

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