Easy Ride 4th October, The Victory, Towan Cross

Having carefully booked a high noon slot for a guessed at 8 riders, I was mildly put out when I discovered that the Victory, whose wonderful food had been enjoyed by some of the attendees at a Thursday Social walk, do not in fact do their normal menu on a Sunday, but instead limit their offering to “Sunday Lunch” type things.
So there I was standing on Lemon Quay, suggesting that we abandon our pre-arranged booking, and go somewhere else (“that does cheesy chips on a Sunday” being the unvoiced subtext).  However it transpired that not only had the earlier group of 3 already set off for that destination, but an unamed party of 2 were also intending to rendezevous there…
So consequently it was agreed to proceed as planned to Towan Cross.
The initial stages of the route did provoke a certain degree of deja-vu corresponding as they did with the route for a previous ride to the Elm Tree Cafe (which coincidentally had also been problematic in the food/booking department)
To re-iterate the route for the 8 who set out in good cycling weather was as follows
Through Truro, past the bowling alley, a short pull up Moresk Road, and a right down through Idles Valley.
A short pause to admire the, now solar powered, Llama farm, a right turn and across the road all the way to the main road at Allet. Another right turn, and then a few yards along the main road, followed by another right, heading towards the A30…  Then onwards to Callestick, where instead of taking either the steep hill up to Healey’s or the slightly less steep hill to the now defunct Plume of Feathers at Penhallow, we bore right and carried on to emerge on the main road, at Perranzabuloe, just a few hundred yards up hill from the White House Inn.
Carefully crossing the A3075, we started up the infamously named hill, which provoked assorted comments, about historically there having been a lot of people name Cox in Cornwall, but that spelling had not necessarily been their strong point…
At his point it was a very pleasant zoom downhill, careful on those bends at speed everybody, making obeisance in the direction of the Bolingey Inn, before pausing briefly at the Co-Op, in Perranporth, where mutterings were made that this the only reason that we’d taken this route, (so that Niq could extract money from a reasonably willing ATM),
which true be told, was not the reason, it was just opportune, what with there being such a shortage of cash point machines in the environs of Mount Hawke and all…
Thence through milling crowds of Perranporth up the Boscawen Road, through Perran Combe, to emerge only slightly breathless on the Perranporth road, near the Mithian School.
A quick zip down hill, look out for the chevrons on the bend and execute a brisk right left turn, just before them, watch out for the gears, chains, or other assorted equipment on its own brief excursion, ( I do believe John WAS able to retrieve his pump)
Down the road, brief pause to admire the disused but statuesque viaduct, what ARE they doing to it with all that scaffolding?, turning right at that point, before making another acute right turn back onto the actual Goonbell road…
After a quick pause for discussion about the possibility of taking one of Niq’s famous gravelly short-cuts, one party carried on into Goonbell itself, and a miniature expedition of two, braved the few hundred yards of off road, before turning left onto tarmac, to head towards the 7 Milestone garage, and onwards, in a straight line, barring crossing the odd main road or two, to arrive triumphantly at the Victory, a mere 12 minutes behind schedule…
16.6 miles covered, in a total time of  a smidgen over 2 hours, (20 minutes of it in a stationary mode, average speed 9.7mph)
The entire group was re-united at the Victory, the larger alternate party having taken a slightly longer, but less lumpy route to arrive there, the early group and the 2 “well meet you there’s” already being in residence…
It was at this point, whilst ordering at the bar, that bowls of chips, unfortunately without cheese, were spied passing by, much to Niq’s delight. It transpired that they were part of the children’s menu, so Niq proposed the idea that he was particularly young at heart…
A pleasant meal was had by all, with many of the posse taking pity on the “lack of cheese” situation, and feeding Niq their extra roast potatoes, presumably in case he wasted away before he making it to Smoky’s in the evening…
The Sunday menu in fact consisted of assorted roasts, pies, quiches and the like, plus an abundance of puddings, the latter items none of the group seemed attracted to, not even the sticky toffee pudding…
After the repast the group headed back up via Seven Milestone towards Goonbell, hanging a sharp right in the middle of Goonbell, once more passing the marvellous old viaduct, and heading toward the Mithian road, with a brief pause to split, with some of the group aiming return to Truro via Silverwell and Shortlanesend,
and the rest striking out for Sawmills/Penstraze, Dangerous Crossing and Greenbottom…
All in all a very pleasant day, no rain, not too hot, no wind to speak of, the sort of day that makes you glad to be in Cornwall, hills notwithstanding…
Riders:  Ian Cook, Debbie Barnett, David Folland, Sue Hall, Christine Rogers, Dave Bennett, John Flowers, plus intermediate riders Carl Jackaman, Thom Green and Chris Fearnley at the pub
and the ride leader

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