Intermediate ride to St Mawes 1st November

TCC-St Mawes, 1st November2015. Intermediate.

Riders: Carl Jackaman, Melinda Rickett, Chris Fearnley and Nigel Andrews

Ride Distance: 34miles, Elevation: +2420 ft / -2417 ft, Average Pace: 11-12mph

The set off was prompt at 9.45am with the steady climb out of Truro towards Tresillian. Arriving in Probus and turning right at the ‘square’ the weather was trying its best to be glorious.

In true Craig Rebel Horwood style the first disaaaaster struck Carl on the road to Tregs with a puncture. An arduous and rusty repair at the roadside saw us back on the trail after waaay too long. 1st note to self, should do better at getting the tube out! The puncture held and we were off to Veryan through Daddiport and its steep climb (Daddiport was an ancient port up to the end of the 16th century carrying wool and woollen cloth, hides and leather, tin and agricultural produce). Next up the pretty village of Veryan with its round houses and onto Pendower beach, literally! Sorry for the sand and slight walk but a great view and photo opportunity ensued.

More climbs along the main road through St Just in Roseland but a great freewheel, for those that like the speed, into St Mawes. Great food and service at Cafe Chandlers and the earlier efforts of the weather saw the sun shine down on the fab four!

Quick bite and Carl, with his military precision, was geeing the group along for what he thought was the 1pm ferry crossing on the King Harry. Then came the second disaaaster, in the form of a calamity at home for Nigel’s wife and dogs locked in the car out towards Falmouth. Nigel, without any spare keys, had to break off after the ferry to get home and then down to beyond Falmouth to rescue his damsel in distress…..aahh. No animals or maidens were harmed in this tale of desperation.

The 1.10pm crossing blighted Carl’s exactness as did the steady climb that seemed to go all the way to Playing Place. 2nd note to self, think about that part of the route before planning it towards the end of the ride. We sauntered past Carnon Downs to enter Truro by National cycle route 3 up towards Penweathers between new county hall and Truro FC. We bid farewell to Chris and scooted off down Chapel Hill to arrive back in Truro by 2pm. Well done all.

3rd and final note to self, spare tube now purchased and packed into bag so roadside repairs should be quicker!

Carl Jackaman

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