Intermediate ride St Agnes 13th December

After a swift change of plans, occasioned by the realisation that there was also an “easy” ride going to Morgans (previously known as Presingoll Barns), the “slightly less easy ride” agreed to change its destination from Portreath, to the afore-said Morgans.
Consequently a group of 4 set out past the TA centre, up Moresk, hanging a swift left into the unknowns of the Idless Valley. This was a pleasant enough ride at a reasonable pace in warm weather, this idyll being rudely interrupted just at the small bridge over the River Allen, near the mill, where the side road gives way onto the main track, when a large group of fast moving riders, sped by, asserting their right of way, on the main route through Idless.
Ah ha, must be the easy group, giving it some welly…
So onwards through the valley eventually turning left uphill at the T junction in viewing range of the Llama farm come solar power station. Thence straight across the through road, apparently called Ashely Road, taking the left fork at the Y junction, towards Allet, across the river Allen again, and back up to the B3284 (or the Shortlanesend Road, depending on your preferred nomenclature, and of course your direction of travel), actually we turned right, for only a few hundred yards, before diving right into another  bucolic cross country route nominally to Callestick, but actually being bisected by the very busy A30, which took some while to cross, thereafter we took the right fork at Callestick itself, and continued via a fairly gradual uphill emerging onto the A3075 at slightly on the uphill side of the well known White House Inn. Thence down that amusingly named hill, downhill all the way to the flesh pots of Perranporth, with a slight pause at the Co-Op ATM, to which they have kindly added a substantial metal and glass portico, possibly either to shelter penitents seeking money, or to deter ram raiders. (which one, one plumps for, to be determined by one’s current state of paranoia, or alternatively, how recently one read the Daily Mail perhaps).
The group then headed through Perranporth itself, carefully negotiating a right turn into Perrancombe, forking right again, and right again ever upward, back towards the B3285, executing a very sharp right before the Barkla Shop chevrons, (don’t miss the turn, or you’ll be ages getting back up that hill) Right again, admiring those lovely people proof 8 ft high spiky fences they have now installed at either end of the Goonbell vaiduct, and a very sharp right, back onto the Goonbell road followed by a downhill dash, more or less to the bottom of St Agnes, shooting a brisk left at Rosemundy and up a sharp hill onto Vicarage Road, before flying downhill mostly through the town center, with another sharp left at the St Agnes Hotel, followed by a glorious uphill slog along Trevaunance Road, towards the Beacon.  Equally glorious was the downhill race, along Beacon Drive, round the back of the Beacon, admiring the extensive sea view on the way.
Carefully negotiating the sharp right hand bend at Goonvrea, where the “Drive” rejoins the Chapel Porth road, we headed once again back towards St Agnes, before cutting a sharp left up the Penwinnick Road, and the last few hundred yards uphill to Morgans, arriving coincidently at precisely noon.
Distance, 19 miles, average speed 11.5 mph (in old money).
After having ordered coffees and assorted food, which it was later agreed was really enjoyable, we sat back to await the arrival of the “easy” ride, whose members dutifully trouped in at 12.15, with wild tails of punctures and other assorted incidents…
After a leisurely lunch two of the faster party departed back to Truro, by way of the Goonown Road, Wheal Buller, Sawmills, Greenbottom, and ThreeMileStone…
The other two, Niq and Nigel, opted to segue out to Godrevy, via Bridge, South Tehidy and Coombe, for more coffee and cake, (but no swim) and then fuelled by this excess of caffeine, set off for the general direction of Carharrack via Carnhell Green and Barriper electing to try out the cycle path by the side of the new Camborne-Redruth link road, less hilly than going over the Beacon, but nothing to write home about, was the conclusion, none the less a handy lead-in to the Great Flat Lode, and Lanner…
All in all a very pleasant, warm ( especially considering it being half way through December ) dry and slightly sunny day out was had…
Riders:  Mike Eastwood, Carl Jackaman, Nigel Andrews and Niq Carter-Rowe (ride leader and ride report author).

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