Intermediate ride 17th January to Penstraze (sort of)

Ride report, Sunday 17th January Intermediate Ride to Elm Tree Tea Rooms, Penstraze (sort of)
On the appointed morning, with the weather being set fair, but with rain predicted later, as a somewhat larger group had already departed on the less arduous ride, only 4 riders were left to brave the intermediate ride…
Although the ride was destined for the Elm Tree Tea Rooms, whose usual practise on booking a table was demand lunch orders in advance, apparently because their panini toaster could only handle 3 at once,it was decided that being so few in number the phalanx would forgo this ritual phone call.
The ride set off out of Truro on the somewhat familiar route, along Moresk Road, past the TA centre, turning left part way up the hill,branching out into the Idless valley, joining the upper route through at the old bridge,
briefly pausing by Idless Lane, to admire the charming old Quaker meeting house, now just a house, and read the incised inscription on the side of the building
“hush idle words and thoughts of ill, the lord is listening peace be still”
Seemingly this relates to the fact that the Quakers used to meet in silent contemplation,until someone, by inner direction or the will of god, depending on your viewpoint, was moved to shared some profound thoughts with the assembled group.
I’m not sure this has practise has been or will be widely embraced in the cycling community at large…
To continue, as the ride did, we turned left at the Llama farm, now a solar farm, crossing the larger Ashley Road,and making our way up to Allet, there turning right, briefly traversing some of the B3284, before again swooping right again,with a view to heading to Callestick, but on the way having to dice with the traffic, whilst crossing the busy A30.
At Callestick we continued with the rightward theme, branching off to Perranzobuloe, and the White House Hotel, famed for it’s pool,which now unfortunately is merely a sun-deck, with no trace of it’s former glamour.
Once again braving the traffic we crossed the A3075 and swooped down the hill, past Bolingey, onwards to the periphery of Perranporth,
and still without pause, back on ourselves, through the centre of the town, over the speed humps, and right into Perran Combe.
Ploughing steadily uphill, we turned right to re-join the main Perranporth – St Agnes road, turning left onto it to briefly fly downhill through Barklas Shop,before carefully making a sharp left at speed, just before those looming chevrons on the bend, heading back roughly towards the Mithian road,before making another sharp right back on ourselves towards Goonbell. Thence straight through towards St Agnes, towards the bottom of the hill, at Rosemundy, peeling another sharp left.
A swift push up an abrupt slope, into the middle of St Agnes, a sharp left at the St Agnes Hotel, mind the cars coming the opposite way on the blind bend.
Along Beacon Drive, round the Beacon, following the road around to the left, away from Chapel Porth, another right at the phone box. A left towards Mingoose, squiggling back to the main St Agnes Road, but sneakily turning right towards Mount Hawke.
It was at this point that a few drops of the expected rain began to fall, pausing by the side of the road, the group was easily persuaded that lunch lay 4 miles away at Smoky Joes, not at the appointed destination of Penstraze some 7 miles away…
So it was that we continued, flying down one side of Gover Hill, struggling up the other, passing on our right Mount Hawke, turning left and right again after a mile,heading down hill towards Blackwater, but diverting suddenly right to Skinners Bottom and abruptly left over the brow of the hill to arrive triumphantly at Smoky Joe’s
Distance covered to Smoky’s 23 miles, average speed 11 mph
A pleasant repast was had by all, some of whom were inclined only to eat pudding and run as they had to pack for their trip to Spain, the rest of the group only being a little envious of Chris.
Over his lunch Mike evinced various schemes to get back to Grampound Road, before being converted to the notion of, across the bridge over the A30, down into Chacewater, up to Green Bottom, into Truro, and back out via the A390.
Niq and Nigel set out variously just to Carharrack and a spot of coffee at Godrevy via Carharrack…
To conclude on a more serious, note, do try and remember:-
“sudden prayers make god jump”

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