Easy Ride to Penelewey 31st January

I was surprised to see anybody at all at the meeting point but two new riders and one of them a Junior? A long time since that happened!
We headed into the wind and things kept staying that way. Up Pydar street for the Idless turning to follow NCN32 to Rod’s Corner. This gave us some shelter from the wind but not the mud. Out to Allet and we were full on into the wind again as we crossed the two main roads to Silverwell and up to Two Burrows. We were significantly behind schedule and I was CERTAIN that Niq would retort that it was the slowest ride ever, but on this occasion, he relented.
Decisions were quickly made, well at least one was and we took the Kea Downs road to Dangerous Crossing and then past Billy Bray’s Chapel towards Playing Place. A short trip along the washboard road brought us to our luncheon establishment, the Punchbowl and Ladle at the planned time. We were delighted to meet up with Chris F and Nigel, representing the Intermediate riders.
Just like another famous fellowship, members departed for different routes to various homes while I escorted our two guests back to Truro via Kea School in time for their car park ticket to have not expired. Full marks to 10 year old Nain for having plenty of gusto remaining to nip up Old Falmouth Road at the end.
Riders were : Craig and Nain, Ros and Paul, Niq, Rod, Peter, Dave F, John G
Ride Leader : Dave Bennett

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