Club Ride – Sithney – 13th March 2016

It was going to be a great day for cycling today, the air was fresh, the skies were blue, the temperature was reasonable and the winds were Easterly. I was hoping this would tempt a few cyclists to come along on the Club Ride and that was just what it did as six of us left Truro (Chris F, Chris R, Gareth, John B, Dom and myself).

The route took us to Portreath and onto the coast road B3301…the views over the Atlantic on this particular day was stunning. Dom would have taken some good footage on his camera which was recording the ride…Fortunately i would not be in most of the shots as I was mainly behind him.

At Gwithian we headed south over the new A30, across the old A30 and through Carnhell Green.  Then we cycled around the back of Clowance to Nancegollan. It was nice to see all but one of us were wearing our Truro CC shirts, advertising the club to everyone we passed.

Gareth left us at this point to head home to Truro as the rest of us cycled to Sithney via Carleen for our refreshment stop at Auntie Gills.  The weather was unbelievable as we sat outside eating our buns, soaking up the sunshine.

The return journey took us to Releath (via Nancegollan) and Blackrock where we look over the glazey view to St Ives. I left the group at this stage to head towards Camborne in around about sort of way to reach my 100km goal. The rest cycled on towards Carharrick and Chacewater towards their homes.

It was great to get out on the bike with some good company. It was a good day in the saddle. I am hoping to be cycling, God willing, on these old roads until I’m old and senile….then I will be cycling on new roads!

Writer of report: Jeremy Bond    – 50 miles – average speed 14.6 mph

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